Montag, 2. Dezember 2019

Zibbet-Fundstücke der Woche - Weihnachtslichter

This year I didn't manage to make one of my blog advent calendars, but I'll try to bring up something for the holidays every, now and then when I can make it.
I put up my hallway Christmas decoration up today and also my little tree with my handmade ornaments, and like every year I have been struggling with the lights. I don't even have a long cord to wrap around my tree, but I'm not sure if that is the problem or if it could be even worse ;-)
The lights make me happy with their soft glow in the darkness. My little Moravian stars are in the windows and I also have some LED candles (I don't trust the furry mister with real ones) on the window sills.
Of course Christmas is not the only holiday connected to lights. Diwali which took place in October this year is the Festival of Lights and for Hanukkah the Menorah is lit, but unfortunately I didn't find much when strolling through Zibbet, so my topic for today's finds of the week is Christmas lights.

Weihnachtslichter-Ohrringe von Nataliya Cute Ceramics

"The little snowman decorates the tree" Karte von Torn Paper™

Kreuzstich-Kissenornament von Lexidh

"Baby hanging Christmas stocking" Collagekarte von Cards by Colette

Weihnachtslampe aus Holz in Form eines Baums von By Lamp
"The Christmas Story and The Dear Old Tree" 1927 antike Illustrationen bei Petit Poulailler

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